Northwest Health Inequalities Hub share new Menu of Reasonable Adjustments (MoRA)

The Northwest Health Inequalities Hub, are excited to share the new reiteration of the Menu of Reasonable Adjustments (MoRA). 

This version of the MoRA includes 5 new sections on: Vaccinating Ages 12-15, Maternity and vaccination, Refugee, Asylum seekers and vulnerable Migrants, Domestic abuse, and Eastern European communities.

MoRA is a resource including guidance, research and evidence, toolkits, case studies and lessons learned to support colleagues in serving minority and vulnerable communities. This was developed in response to the emerging needs of population groups experiencing poorer than average health access, experience and/or outcomes who would benefit from a tailored healthcare approach.

The MoRA includes details of the COVID-19 vaccination program and the initiatives that were undertaken to ensure the optimal delivery and uptake of vaccinations in these communities. Learning from these initiatives can guide booster strategies, evergreen vaccine offers and future work in various clinical areas to tackle health inequalities. It is designed to provide support in considering the various elements of planning and delivery relevant to work undertaken amongst various under-represented communities and vaccination efforts amongst health and social care sectors.

A webinar explaining what the MoRA is and its use can be viewed here.

The new MoRA can be downloaded here from the Futures Platform

When downloaded you will be able to follow the tabs in the contents page to access the new sections. The future updates of the MoRA will be shared on our Futures platform.