All Together Fairer: Successful report launch is only the beginning

The Collaborative and the Cheshire and Merseyside Population Health Board have celebrated an incredibly successful launch of All Together Fairer, the subregion’s report into health inequalities from Professor Sir Michael Marmot.

Launch event

The launch event was attended by nearly 500 colleagues from across the public, private and third sectors, many of whom left very positive feedback on their experience:

“Thanks, great event, we need to build on the expertise and enthusiasm of the participants today”

“Thank you Michael Marmot for all your hard work over many years looking at health inequalities, you’re amazing !!!!”

“Thank you to the panel and chair for this very interesting session”

“Great launch event. Fantastic enthusiasm and willingness to connect and join up to make a difference”

“Super event. I think we are all convinced that the evidence of tackling health inequalities exists and we need to be brave to use our resources in the most effective way”

The aim of the event was to leave colleagues feeling inspired, enthused, and motivated to embed the principles of All Together Fairer into their work. Judging from the interactive word cloud that participants completed at the end of the event, this aim was met…


If you haven’t had a chance to watch the event and hear Sir Michael’s presentation, you can do so here:

During the event, Graham Urwin, Chief Executive of the Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership (the local Integrated Care System (ICS)) announced that the ICS will also include the recommendations in their new Five Year Strategy.


To accompany the launch event, two case study videos have been produced to demonstrate how taking a social determinants of health approach to services and projects can make a massive difference.

The videos highlighted the Life Rooms from Mersey Care in Merseyside and Cheshire West and Chester’s Poverty Truth Commission and Board. The videos, alongside the event video, have already been watched over 500 times across YouTube and social media. If you haven’t already, you can watch them here:

Exceptional interest

It is clear that All Together Fairer has been on the minds of many colleagues across the subregion, with the launch of this report being one of the most high-profile announcements from the Collaborative to date.

Alongside the highest-ever number of opens of the monthly newsletter, Collaborate, the #AllTogetherFairerCM hashtag has been used over 150 times on social media, the dedicated All Together Fairer hub on the Collaborative’s website has been visited over 1,000 times and the report has had over 700 downloads so far.

Local impact

All Together Fairer has also already made a massive difference to what is happening locally. At the recent Population Health Board meeting, colleagues heard how Cheshire and Warrington’s Devolution Deal proposal will now incorporate health inequalities and Marmot’s recommendations, directly prompted by the event and the far-reaching coverage since the report launched.

Do you have an example of how All Together Fairer is being embedded into your work? Get in touch with the Collaborative’s communications team by emailing to help spread the word.