Opportunity for local authority staff to develop as health and/or social care researchers

A pilot programme of fellowship schemes and short placement awards have been developed by the National Institute for Health Research to support individuals based within local authority settings to develop as health and/or social care researchers whilst retaining their existing employment and salary.

The Local Authority Academic Fellowship (LAAF) Programme and similarly focussed short placement awards have been designed to strengthen the capacity for local authority settings to generate and support health and social care research by offering research training awards to the individuals that work within them.

The training opportunities include three pilot schemes:

  • LAAF Programme Pre-Doctoral Local Authority Fellowship (PLAF) Scheme
  • LAAF Programme Doctoral Local Authority Fellowship (DLAF) Scheme
  • Local Authority Short Placement Award for Research Collaboration (LA SPARC) Scheme

Additional schemes, including complementary post-doctoral funding opportunities, may be added to the LAAF Programme in the future.

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