New report provides overview of the state of healthy aging in the North West

A new report from the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID) providing an interesting and engaging overview of the state of healthy aging in the North West has now been published.

‘State of Healthy Ageing in the North West 2022’ has been co-authored by Sophie Baird and Tasneem Choudhri at OHID, and explains how the COVID-19 pandemic has shone a much needed light on the ‘Healthy Aging Agenda’, and highlighted a need to push this agenda in the North West region.

The report aims to encourage and engage key discussions into the agenda, and suggests the next steps on how we can improve the state of healthy aging in the region. It does this by looking into:

  • How the pandemic has had a disproportionate direct impact on older people and highlighted the inequalities around how people age.
  • 2021 – 30 UN decade of healthy aging, how England are approaching this through the ‘5 commitments to healthy aging’, and its polices around the country, and how we can apply this in the North West to make it the best region in England to age.
  • The population of older people aged 65+ in the NW region, the growth rate and the inequalities minority groups are facing.
  • The 8 domains of an age friendly environment, and how we can use those domains to enable a positive impact on healthy aging in the NW region.
  • Wider determinants of health including, connectivity, loneliness and social isolation, housing, employment, and retirement.
  • The importance of health and social care and the barriers older people face trying to access the care.

The full report can be accessed here