Linking wealth and wellbeing in the Liverpool City Region

Liverpool City Region’s (LCR’s) Wealth and Wellbeing Programme has been running from 2018 and aims to create a local economy that functions to not only stimulate growth, but also support health and wellbeing.

Activity relevant to this agenda has been in place across the six boroughs of LCR. This included work on inclusive economies, health in the workplace, fair employment strategies, anchor institutions and others.

The Wealth and Wellbeing Programme established, in the mindset of the LCR Combined Authority, that population health should be considered, not just as a by-product of wealth generation, but should be seen as a driver of shared wealth and that good health is a valid economic goal. The route to that achievement lay in data analysis, wide engagement, and advocacy.

A few years on, a report has been published that provides an overview of the work of the Programme so far, the key themes that emerged from engagement with local partners and some key considerations for future work. The report was authored by Alan Higgins in his role as Programme Director for the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities North West and included input from a number of colleagues across the system.

To find out more, download the report here, and download the appendix, a timeline of Programme activity, here.