Learning Hub – hosted by Sefton Public Health Team – Building Knowledge and skills for practitioners in public health and wider local authority teams

  • Date 12th February 2020
  • Start time 10:00 am
  • Finish time 12:45 am
  • Venue/Location Bootle Town Hall, Oriel Road, Bootle, Liverpool L20 7AE
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What are learning hubs?

Learning hubs are an exciting addition to the Champs CPD and events programme that give an opportunity for practitioners within local authorities to build their knowledge and skills in public health. It will also facilitate sharing of good practice across teams in Cheshire & Merseyside. Each learning hub will be hosted by a local authority and topics to be covered will be decided by the host area.

Please note capacity will be limited, so places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

What will be the focus for Sefton’s learning hub?

Sefton’s learning hub will focus on embedding early intervention and prevention through collective leadership, and will consider multi-agency, senior level commitment and how this translates into implementation at a local level.

In 2015, Sefton Council embarked on a programme of early intervention and prevention (EIP) with an aim of building capacity and resilience in our communities, to enable people to have better levels of health, wellbeing, and independence. This was a significant move towards proactive prevention and early intervention, enabling more activities to be delivered for communities by communities and in the long term, enabling communities to flourish and realise their ambitions and potential.

The programme has developed and evolved through an asset based approach which recognises that our local communities are packed with skills, ideas, energy, community groups, resources and crucially, positive relationships. The EIP programme is divided into 3 core areas which are;

  • Enabling communities
  • Enabling the workforce
  • Enabling the voluntary, community and faith sector

This session will highlight how delivery of this core Council programme has met with both success and challenge, and how it has bridged the gap between initial senior level commitment and longer term operational implementation. The session will also consider, how creating a structured narrative for each stakeholder has made it resonant with different organisations, supporting collective leadership and ownership. Real examples of innovative practice will be discussed and will include developing social prescribing and social finance initiatives at a local level.

Who should attend?

Learning hub events are open to practitioners from Cheshire & Merseyside public health teams but attendees from wider local authority teams working in areas such as environmental health, planning, neighbourhood services etc are encouraged.

What participants can expect to get out of the session?

The session will provide colleagues with:

  1. An opportunity to learn more about the Sefton Early Intervention and Prevention programme
  2. An insight into gaining senior level commitment and making it actionable and sustainable
  3. Examples of innovative practice in social finance, crowd funding and social prescribing
  4. An opportunity to explore how collective leadership and ownership can support the embedding of health into wider organisational practice

Sessions will be informal and interactive to share and learn from each other.

How will the session run?

The learning hub will cover three spotlight topics, with a round of interactive contributions from everyone attending.

For this practitioner hub, there is a prescribed process for each round.

  • A volunteer to scribe for each spotlight. The Chair to keep the group to time.
  • One person to present for 10 minutes. Presenter to end with a question for the audience, or a pitch for assistance or ideas, or to request the audience to role play different stakeholders.
  • Followed by a round of questions/ideas from the audience of 1 minute per individual. Not to break the round with answers or dialogue; just keep going round. Give attention without interruption. Everyone to be brief within their minute.
  • End by the presenter responding to some questions &/or what they found useful from the round.
  • Scribe to pass on notes to presenter.

At the end of the learning hub, attendees will get a chance to feedback ideas for future hubs including the format of the session.

Presentations are available here