LCR Wealth and Wellbeing Programme Summit Workshop

Over 18 months the Liverpool City Region (LCR) Wealth and Wellbeing Programme has invited people to talk about health and wellbeing in or out of work, about the effect of poor health on the economy in the region and the effect of the economy on health.  The programme has developed the evidence that poor health in the LCR population accounts for a third of the gap in productivity between the region and the rest of the country and demonstrated that people, in each of the six boroughs, are keen to engage in discussion about what this means and what can be done about it.
On 5th February 2020 a workshop was held to bring the learning so far into a set of recommendations for economic planning across the city region. The LCR Metro Mayor opened the event and committed to an inclusive economy, a sentiment that was matched by all the speakers.

A report summarising the discussion and presenting the next steps for the programme in 2020 can be read here