Launch of the Health & Wellbeing Research and Knowledge Exchange Institute

  • Date 23rd January 2023
  • Start time 1:30 pm
  • Finish time 4:30 pm
  • Venue/Location University of Chester
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The launch will feature keynote presentations from Professor Isabel Oliver – Director of the National Infection Service, United Kingdom Health Protection Agency (UKHPA) and Professor Andrew Dickinson, Chief Dental Officer for Wales.

Professor Paul Kingston, the Institute Director, will be welcoming guests, staff and keynote speakers. The Vice Chancellor, Professor Eunice Simmonds, will be in attendance together with the Pro Vice Chancellor, Professor Paul Bissell, to provide insights and aspirations for the Research and Knowledge Institutes within the University.

In Health and Wellbeing, the University of Chester will develop a research institute that brings together their existing strengths as well as developing new areas of collaboration and interdisciplinary working. The following set of examples shows the breadth of the theme: Ageing and social gerontology, Art therapy, Cancer/end of life care, Creative practice interventions for wellbeing, Cultural enrichment and spiritual wellbeing of individuals, Health economics, Health inequalities, Immunology, Learning Disability, Mental health, Novel applications of modelling, simulation and computer science to healthcare, Nutrition in health and disease, Organisational resilience and wellbeing, Pastoral care and therapy, Preventative care, Psychosocial wellbeing and psychological interventions, Public Health, Service Development, Social Work, Veterans’ wellbeing.

The Culture and Society Research Knowledge Exchange Institute brings together over 180 researchers from the Arts, Humanities, Social and Natural Sciences. Members have a strong interest in the medical humanities, particularly concerning cultural practices, wellbeing for marginalised communities, and histories of health. The Institute is always keen to seek out external partnerships and to direct members’ expertise towards public projects in Chester, Cheshire, the North West and beyond.

Sustainability and Environment is a rapidly developing Core Theme and the University of Chester will establish a research institute in this area to develop further on our existing strengths and interests. The following set of examples shows the breadth of the theme: Animal behaviour and welfare, Bio products, Climate Change, Conservation biology, Green and sustainable energy and transport, Resource management, Responsible enterprise and decent work, Sustainable design practice, Sustainable food supplies, Sustainable Development Goals, Sustainable supply chains, Understanding fundamental environmental processes and systems, and Understanding environmental change. All areas of relevance to Public Health.