Latest key messages from the Collaborative’s programme boards

The Collaborative is led by the nine Directors of Public Health in Cheshire and Merseyside and our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of the 2.5 million people we serve.

With this in mind, we will be sharing the key messages from each of the Cheshire and Merseyside Programme Boards every month in Collaborate. This is intended to keep colleagues across the subregion updated with the latest information.

Please feel free to share these key messages within your networks.



All Together Fairer Progamme Board (previously the Marmot Advisory Board)

  • The Marmot Advisory Board and Marmot Leads Group will be renamed to the All Together Fairer Advisory Board and All Together Fairer Leads Group due to the strength of the emerging All Together Fairer brand and desire for this work to be owned locally and driven forward beyond the facilitation of Sir Michael’s team.
    There is an overwhelming sense of enthusiasm and energy for this work across Cheshire and Merseyside’s system. It was commented at the Board how Cheshire and Merseyside is demonstrating that it is possible to have local indicators without needing national ones and how having the Champs Support Team and dedicated local leads are such great assets for this Programme.
  • Three system-wide priorities for the system have been agreed by the Board: Healthy Work (extending the Fair Employment Charter), Anchor Institutions (NHS and public sector organisations), Mental Wellbeing (with a focus on children and young people).
  • An incredible amount of work has taken place to update the CIPHA data dashboard to ensure that the local intelligence can report against the 22 Beacon Indicators that are being used to track the progress of this Programme.



Suicide Prevention Programme Board

  • Terms of Reference have been updated and now show we are supporting the wider system and leading by example.
  • The new Cheshire and Merseyside Suicide Prevention Strategy is being launched at the World Suicide Prevention Day event on 9th September to be held at Halton Stadium. The event will hear from professionals and lived experience members on four key priorities: men, self-harm, health inequalities, children and young people.
  • A Task & Finish group is being formed to discuss the suicide/self-harm angle in terms of the cost-of-living agenda, and what collective actions we can take.
  • Mental Health Trusts have completed another NCISH Safer Standards audit, with gaps/recommendations and subsequent actions identified.
  • Crisis work with the Mental Health programme – there is high demand for the 24/7 crisis lines across the Integrated Care Board. Moving forwards work is underway on the development and integration of the crisis lines into 111 option 2 (work that is happening across the country on the back of it being an ambition within the long-term plan). NHSE have brought the deliverable forward, and it is hoped by March 2023 that the crisis lines will be embedded.
  • The next roll-out of self-harm training for the wider frontline workforce is underway, with sessions booking up rapidly.

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