Latest key messages from the Collaborative’s programme boards

The Collaborative is led by the nine Directors of Public Health in Cheshire and Merseyside and our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of the 2.7 million people we serve.

With this in mind, we will be sharing the key messages from each of the Cheshire and Merseyside Programme Boards every month in Collaborate. This is intended to keep colleagues across the subregion updated with the latest information.

Please feel free to share these key messages within your networks.

Health Protection Leads Meeting – 19th January 2023

  1. Professor Dame Jenny Harries – Following the success of the Health Protection CPD event that took place in October 2022, Professor Dame Jenny Harries has offered to engage with C&M at a future event or gathering of colleagues.  The group has been asked to feedback thoughts and suggestions as to how we can use this opportunity to our best advantage.
  2. CMS Continuance update – approval has been given for CMS to continue in those LAs who wish to use it.  Licences have been paid for a further 12 months, Champs Support Team is now looking at implementing a support package with Wirral IT post March 2023 to support colleagues using the system.
  3. HP Leads Forum in 2023 – Future HP meetings will be refreshed for 2023, with a Strategic HP Leads meeting taking place bi-monthly.  Invited colleagues will be HP leads and external colleagues such as UKHSA and NHS.  A more informal HP Leads meeting will take place bi-monthly on the opposite month to the strategic meeting which will be for LA HP leads only
  4. Comms / Simple Things Update – The findings and outcomes from the Simple Things campaign were presented to the group. The group welcomed the insight and agreed that the future focus of the campaign should be around schools with some consideration to businesses and workplaces.
  5. HP Education – The group noted the value of the training to date and felt that the principle of continuing with the course is self-evident, given the waiting list.  The draft business case was supported with colleagues agreeing to provide further feedback to Terry Whalley, ready for the final draft case to go to DsPH on 3rd February.
  6. UKHSA Update
  • Scarlet Fever / Strep numbers are falling, UKHSA has stepped down from enhanced to standard incident.
  • National Schools Helpline – remains in place but is quiet.  LAs will be given advance warning before the helpline is closed.
  • Covid – numbers are falling, Covid Contingency Plan remains in place, this sets out actions to take if vaccine evasive variants occur.
  • Flu – numbers remain high but are falling, care home numbers are starting to fall with relatively low mortality rates.
  • GI / Norovirus – Numbers are starting to fall.
  • Polio – has not been detected in C&M through wastewater surveillance.

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