Key messages from the Directors of Public Health 11.03.22.

The Cheshire and Merseyside (C&M) Directors of Public Health (DsPH) currently meet weekly. The key messages from the 11th March meeting are as follows:


  1. Excess mortality data and CVD prevention – The DsPH were joined by colleagues from NHSE/I, OHID and the Cardiac Network and received a detailed analysis of excess mortality. The top causes of preventable deaths pre-pandemic include COPD, lung/mouth cancer, Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) and alcohol harm. IHD has gone worse in C&M during the pandemic therefore there is a large focus by the Cardiac Network to work collaboratively with all partners concerned on this agenda.  DsPH agreed for the analysis to be fed into the ICS Medical Directorate for a further discussion around action to help reverse the trend.
  2. Disparities white paper consultation – Colleagues from OHID are conducting a series of engagement sessions on the forthcoming white paper. Colleagues joined the DsPH to hear their views around key themes of cross system working, risk factors (tobacco, diet/obesity, alcohol) and disproportionately impacted groups. DsPH fed in their comments to the team including the importance of NHS prevention spend increasing and being monitored. It was also suggested a reference is made to the Institute of Health Equity/Marmot work in C&M. It was agreed to have a further discussion on the white paper before the end of March.
  3. UKHSA Covid update – Cases are rising in C&M which is in line with national figures and likely due to the changes in national policy. UKHSA are keeping an eye on hospital admissions with the increasing cases.
  4. Ukraine/Russia conflict – DsPH are meeting with colleagues to look at the humanitarian response that will be needed. DsPH also discussed other issues that impact people living in the UK such as rising fuel and food prices.
  5. Good news and gratitude – DsPH thanked colleagues from NHSE/I, OHID and the Cardiac network for their input at the meeting.