Key messages from the Directors of Public Health 07.01.22

The Cheshire and Merseyside (C&M) Directors of Public Health (DsPH) currently meet weekly. The key messages from the 7th January COVID-19 response meeting are as follows:

UKHSA COVID-19 update – Rates of COVID-19 are rising quickly everywhere and whilst rates in children are low at the moment, the 20-39 age bracket and over 60s are increasing. There are outbreaks in care homes and hospital admissions are also increasing. Vaccination rates have slowed possibly due to Christmas and the 28 day post infection wait before a booster can be administered.

Ensuring a safe discharge to care homes – DsPH were given an overview the proposed North West approach to safe discharge from hospitals to care homes, utilising a triage matrix to risk assess both the care home and the individual for COVID-19. A copy of the proposal was circulated for comments by DsPH.

Population health funding proposal – The DsPH discussed the forthcoming proposal to the Cheshire and Merseyside ICS for 2022/23. Business cases have been developed by colleagues and work is planned on key priorities including health inequalities/Marmot Community, reducing harm from alcohol and increasing physical activity. DsPH will provide any comments before the bid is submitted on 14th January.

DsPH planning session – The DsPH and their senior leaders will meet virtually on the morning of Friday 21 January. A draft agenda was shared and DsPH approved. An invitation will go to senior leaders in public health teams shortly.

Good news and gratitude – Dr Sam Ghebrehewet, North West Health Protection Director thanked DsPH and their teams for all their support in dealing with Omicron over Christmas and New Year at the recent DsPH regional meeting.

Matt Tyrer also thanked colleagues for their collaboration to enable a North West approach regarding the Covid policy for admission of patients to care homes.