Key messages from the Directors of Public Health 04.03.22

The Cheshire and Merseyside (C&M) Directors of Public Health (DsPH) currently meet weekly. The key messages from the 4th March meeting are as follows:

  1. UKHSA COVID-19 update – case numbers are falling now and stand at 245/100K of the population in Merseyside and slighter higher in Cheshire at 275/100K. After all prisons in C&M being regularly affected by outbreaks, there are now a third that do not have outbreaks which is good news. Some areas are seeing a rise this week in the over 80s age group and UKHSA are keeping an eye on hospital admissions.
  2. Citizen’s enquiry for alcohol – DsPH were updated on this work which was started prior to the pandemic and has recently been revisited. Members of the public were recruited to discuss how C&M could have a healthier relationship with alcohol and the insight gained has been included in a report which will be shared shortly.
  3. Ukraine conflict – DsPH discussed the current crisis in Ukraine and will support the two Local Resilience Forums in responding with humanitarian aid.
  4. Returning to school – The DsPH discussed producing a simple graphic to guide parents on when to send their children back to school after illness. Colleagues in UKHSA will support with the content.
  5. Good news and gratitude – Two workshops were held this week, one in Halton supporting the integration agenda, where public health principles were well received and a second to gain views on the priorities for the new suicide prevention strategy for C&M.