Dozens of frontline workers benefit from Suicide First Aid Training

More than 50 frontline workers from Merseyside and Cheshire Police, and North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust have received Suicide First Aid Through Understanding Suicide Intervention (SFAUSI) training as part of a scheme recently commissioned by Champs Public Health Collaborative.

Utilising NHS England and NHS Improvement funding, the SFAUSI programme teaches and practices the skills and knowledge needed to identify someone who may be thinking about suicide and competently intervene to help create suicide-safety as a first aid approach.

Neil Boardman, Suicide Prevention Programme Manager, Champs Public Health Collaborative, said: “The training is for anyone who seeks greater understanding and confidence to intervene with people at risk of suicide, providing learners with the knowledge and tools to understand that suicide is one of the most preventable deaths, and some skills which can help someone with thoughts of suicide stay safe from their thoughts and stay alive.

“Following the training, participants have the opportunity to gain accreditation of six National Qualifications Framework credit points at level four by completing a workbook of tasks that are assessed against the set learning outcomes.”

To date, 54 frontline workers have completed the training, from which the following feedback has been received:

  • “This course is essential to all police officers as mental health and suicidal persons are now a daily occurrence and the need to be able to offer persons going through crisis and not to feel judged feeling that support is on its way is better for all.”
  • “A thorough guide and tool kit for approaching the topic of suicide.”
  • “The best suicide prevention training I have had.”
  • “A simple yet valuable and actual life-saving source that everyone should take part in.”

As part of the commissioned package, 16 workers from blue light services, including Fire and Rescue Services, and Merseyrail will attend the Associate Tutor Training Development Programme.

The Associate Tutors will learn the programme materials, delivery and knowledge, and deepen their understanding of the learning outcomes. Successful completion of the programme provides formal suicide prevention tutor certification, accredited by the City & Guilds Institute.

The Associate Tutors will be effectively qualified in Suicide Prevention Training and licensed to provide Suicide First Aid and will subsequently go on to deliver the SFIUSI programme across their workforces.