Cheshire & Merseyside HCP Prevention Board Key Messages – 11th November


  1. Eileen O’Meara (Co-Chair of the Prevention Board) presented a paper at the C&M Health Care Partnership (HCP) Board laying out proposed future plans for the Prevention Board. The HCP Board have agreed to continue to fund the prevention programmes with £285k agreed until March 2021.
  2. COVID-19 has highlighted a number of high importance areas to work on with regards to health inequalities. Eileen O’Meara suggested a new Heath Needs Assessment for C&M is progressed by the Prevention Board to address this.
  3. Dawn Leicester (Director of Champs PH Collaborative) updated on a recent meeting progressing the Marmot Community agenda for C&M. It was agreed that work would be progressed to describe what good would look like in C&M in terms of local integration and a second (virtual) session is to be arranged with Sir Michael Marmot.  The forming of a steering group was also considered, with representation from local places to build a grassroots approach to addressing health inequalities.
  4. Chris Bentley (Independent Population Health Consultant) gave a presentation to the Board on Health Inequalities and Avoidable Emergency Admissions, which showed the impact health inequalities can have on services. The presentation looked at identifying priority wards with regards to health inequalities and risks for these areas. It was noted that Cheshire & Merseyside has the most priority wards in the country and there are no ‘exemplar’ wards. It was agreed that the approach would be used as part of the Health Needs Assessment and can also be incorporated into the Marmot work.
  5. Tom Douglas (Director of MSP) gave a presentation on the physical activity work in Cheshire & Merseyside which is being delivered collaboratively by MSP and Active Cheshire. The agreed aim from the preliminary insight work is to reduce the number of inactive people by 150,000. The next steps for this work are to continue presenting the findings from the insight work as part of the consultation and engagement elements of the work and then map these contributions to achieve a system framework for physical activity for Cheshire & Merseyside with an implementation plan and communication plan. Roll out of the work would take place between 2022-2026.