Cardiac Network secures £750,000 through Elective Care Funding for Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Recovery

The Cheshire and Merseyside Cardiac Network has successfully secured £750,000 of funding as part of the elective care recovery funding provided by NHSX, with the purpose of supporting the national programmes for heart disease, cardiovascular disease prevention and cardiac pathway improvement.

The funding will be used to extend the use of telehealth to improve the health and wellbeing of up to 2,000 cardiology patients on elective cardiac surgery waiting lists.

Cardiology patients on elective cardiac surgery waiting lists can deteriorate and then present via acute services as urgent inpatients facing increased surgical risk.

Remote monitoring will be used to identify the patients at need, and allow for tertiary-care led interventions to prevent deterioration in the first instance.

Remote monitoring will also enhance recovery following treatment and reduce the risks of complications and readmissions post-operatively.  This “prehabilitation” and remote enhanced recovery will utilise the existing telehealth infrastructure for monitoring, support, education and alerting partners on the care pathway to any patient deterioration.

For further information contact James Boyes, Cheshire and Merseyside Cardiac Network Programme Manager via