'Public Health Practitioners' are key members of our public health workforce and have a great influence on the health and wellbeing of individuals, groups, communities and populations. They work across the full breadth of public health from health improvement and health protection, to health information, community development and nutrition.  

The term ‘Public Health Practitioner’ is usually designed to describe a level of practice, not a specific job role or type of job. In general terms a Practitioner will have 3 years plus of practice at Skills for Health levels 5-8  Skills for Health  or the Public Health Skills and Knowledge Framework 2016 PHSKF.

The North West Public Health Practitioner Scheme (NWPHPS) provides Public Health Practitioners with an opportunity to complete a retrospective portfolio, demonstrating their Public Health work and competency through three written commentaries. These three commentaries demonstrate practitioners ‘Understanding’ ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Application’ of 34 practitioner competencies; which are grouped under the following UKPHR standards:

Professional and ethical practice (1) – Practising professionally, ethically and legally.

Technical (2-4) – Using Public Health information to measure, monitor and manage population health and wellbeing. Assessing the evidence of effectiveness of public health interventions and services. Protecting the public from health risks while addressing inequalities in risk exposure and outcomes.

Context (5-6) – Implementing public health policy and strategy and collaborating across agencies and boundaries to deliver the public health function.

Delivery (7) – Designing, managing and evaluating public health programmes and projects and communicating with others to improve health outcomes and reduce health inequalities.

The NWPHPS is a partnership between Public Health England, Health Education England, and the Champs Public Health Collaborative. Martin Smith, Consultant in Public Health, Liverpool City Council chairs the NWPHPS Steering Group on behalf of the Cheshire and Merseyside Directors of Public Health, as the host organisation for the delivery of the North West scheme.

The NWPHPS Steering Group has representation from North West sub regions of Lancashire & South Cumbria, Cheshire & Merseyside and Greater Manchester, and the following organisations and practitioner scheme roles:

Health Education England

Public Health England

Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester University

Scheme Coordinator from another scheme

Registered Practitioner

Scheme Assessor

NWPHPS Coordinator 

For further information please contact the NWPHPS Coordinator Lucia Scally luciascally@wirral.gov.uk