The Cheshire and Merseyside Fibroscan Project requests expressions of interest from providers interested in deploying one or more liver Fibroscanners for improving identification of alcohol dependence and improving access to alcohol treatment, especially amongst harder-to-reach groups. We will be accepting initial expressions of interest as detailed in the document below:

Request for EoI information and form (Word Doc)
Request for EoI information and form (PDF) 

Our primary focus in identifying initial projects will be to ensure optimal coverage of Fibroscan use across Cheshire and Merseyside, maximise use of the machines (in terms of number of scans offered) and to demonstrate early evidence of benefit.

The project does not include any financial support for revenue costs. We have however been able to negotiate sufficient support from the supplier of these machines to service them annually, maintaining them in operation for the next four years and to train approximately 60 operators per year to use the machines.

The deadline for submissions is 9.00am on Monday 8th July 2019 to

If you have any queries with regard to this work please also contact