Following the recent release of updated NICE guidance documents, John Hampson, Lead for Medicines Managment at Champs Support Team, has reviewed all updates and has produced a summary for each update.

John highlightes the below as most relevant to Public Helath and CCG's

  1. CCGs will be interested to note the following new TAGs, which are not expected to have significant cost impacts. These include TA448: eltelcalcetide for hyperparathyroidism , TA455:adalimumab etc for plaque psoriasis in children, TA456: ustekinumab for crohn’s, TA459: collagenase clostridium  for Dupuytren’s, TA460: adalimumab for uveitis and TA461: roflumilast for COPD.
  2. Also of interest to CCGs is NG71:Parkinson’s disease – this might require a GP education programme.
  3. For Local Authorities NG 70: Air pollution is a key document which will be of relevance to planning, highways and transport, public health and environmental health.
  4. Finally, also of interest to LAs is QS:151 oral health in care homes.

The summary can be found here along with links to all updated guidance documents in full.