Following the recent Health Select Committee visit to Cheshire and Merseyside to discuss the causes of suicide and barriers to prevention, Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chair of the Committee said in her letter of thanks to the Champs Collaborative “That the session and the group discussion in particular has really helped the Committee’s understanding of what action is necessary to improve suicide prevention in England.”

In July this year the Committee launched an inquiry into the action which is necessary to improve suicide prevention in England and used the visit to learn more about the strong collaboration in Cheshire and Merseyside on suicide prevention, intervention and postvention and the system leadership driving the NO MORE Suicide Strategy.

The ‘compelling evidence” provided by Champs and its partners was also referred to during the final evidence session on suicide prevention at Parliament on 29th November at which Professor Kevin Fenton, Health and Wellbeing Lead at PHE referred to the great examples of best practice sharing in Cheshire and Merseyside. The Committee agreed stating that they were “very impressed by some of the services available”.

Sue Forster, Chair of the Cheshire and Merseyside Suicide Prevention Board and Interim Director of Public Health at St Helens said following receipt of her thank you letter: “We received much praise and thanks from the Committee during their visit and this letter compounds their belief that what they learned from the collaborative work across Cheshire and Merseyside was of benefit to their inquiry. The mention of our work during the final evidence session at Parliament gave us further opportunity to take pride in our collaborative achievements within prevention, intervention and postvention”.

To view the thank you letter click here.

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19th December saw the release of the Health Select Committee Suicide Prevention Interim Report. Click here to view the document.