John Hamson, Medicines Management Lead for Champs Support Team has summarised the NICE guidance updates which were available on NICE’s website on March 28th 2018.

Of particular note:-

  1. For CCGs, TA511 brodalumab for psoriasis given subcutaneously every 2 weeks will be of interest. This is not expected to be a significant cost pressure.
  2. Also of interest is NG87 – ADHD diagnosis and management- which recommends drug treatments for both children and adults.
  3. NG91 – antimicrobial prescribing for otitis media – main message is withholding antibiotics in the majority of cases.
  4. NG 90 – physical activity and the environment – has been updated and LA commissioners , housing and transport planners may wish to review their current provision in light of this guidance.
  5. NG 92 – stop smoking services – guidance has been reviewed and commissioners and providers may wish to review their current service in relation to this.
  6. Finally, NG92 – learning disability and challenging behaviour, service design and delivery – is recommending that LAs and CCG commissioners should work jointly in commissioning services which are person-centred and based on prevention and early intervention.

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