Following the recent release of updated NICE guidance documents, John Hampson, Lead for Medicines Management at Champs Support Team, has reviewed all updates and has produced a summary for each update.

John highlightes the below as most relevant to Public Helath and CCG's

  1. For CCGs – Technology Appraisals:-  Eluxadoline for IBS (TA471), dimethyl fumarate for psoriasis (TA475) and tofacitinib for rheumatoid arthritis (TA480) are all thought to have a low cost impact.
  2. For LAs and Public Health : -(1)  NG 74- “Intermediate care including reablement”  is a key document for health and social care practitioners intended to outline the support and processes required for people at risk of admission to hospital and residential care, (2) PH38 – “Type 2 diabetes: prevention in people at high risk” – this is updated guidance but it may be worth commissioners reviewing the new section on intensive lifestyle programmes and how this sits with the current pathway.
  3. Also of interest are the Quality Standards QS156 – physical health of people in prisons and QS 157 HIV testing: encouraging uptake.
  4. For those working with children and young people, of interest will be NG76 “Child abuse and neglect” plus the updated CG89 “Child maltreatment: when to suspect maltreatment in the under 18s”.
  5. Finally, QS 159 covers the transition between inpatient mental health settings and community or care home settings.

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