Recent NICE guidance updates - summary:

Updates of interest to NHS/CCGs are:-

  1. Several TAs for cancer which are funded by NHS England or through the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF),
  2. TA 485:Sarilumab for rheumatoid arthritis is expected to have minimal cost impact.
  3. CG 71: Familial hypercholesterolaemia – removes nicotinic acid as an alternative to statins because it is no longer licensed.
  4. NG 79: Sinusitis and antibiotic prescribing – reaffirms the concept that antibiotics are not generally required for this indication – a message which  will help to reduce the current level of antibiotic prescribing.
  5. NG81: Glaucoma treatment & diagnosis – encourages the prescribing of generic prostaglandins (as opposed to branded) which could result in cost savings.

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