As of Monday 10 August 2020 at 4:01pm 311,641 people have tested positive for coronavirus in the UK (pillar 1 and 2, see descriptions below). Of those tested positive for coronavirus in the UK, 46,574 have died across all settings. Further information is available here:


From today MSOA data will be updated daily at 4pm. The data is what makes up this map and what is currently the ‘weekly cases by local area’ on this link but will become daily cases by local area.

Information, advice and guidance

Various sets of HMCTS guidance have been updated:

Marketing and communications materials

Joint Biosecurity Centre Action Cards

The JBC has now published Action Cards to provide the latest instructions to anyone responsible for businesses or organisations (e.g. café, hairdresser or place of worship) to identify, report and respond to coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreaks. They have been developed to cover a range of businesses and organisations to provide specific advice on the issues each type of organisation may face now lockdown restrictions have been eased. The cards are designed to be printed or downloaded to keep on-hand in a business or organisation. The Cards provide the owners and managers of organisations a single point of access to the right information to ensure local Health Protection Teams can be notified in a timely manner by all sectors. The Cards complement and support existing local or sector specific guidance and are not intended to replace existing guidance or the expertise of local public health professionals. It will be a process of continuous learning and improvement as more people use the Action Cards, and we learn more about what responses are most effective.

e-Bug resources for schools

The Department for Education have recently published “Guidance for full opening: schools”, recommending Public Health England’s free infection prevention education resource ‘e-Bug’. Use e-Bug to prepare for the full opening of Schools in September by:

  • Completing free e-learning to improve knowledge and confidence to teach children and young people about microbes and how to prevent the spread of infection
  • Displaying ‘Hand hygiene’ and ‘Cover coughs and sneezes’ posters in bathrooms, handwashing stations, classrooms and shared spaces
  • Sharing “My Back to School Bubble” e-storybook for parents/carers to read with younger children to help them understand new COVID-19 protective measures and tackle anxiety about returning to school
  • Using lesson plans/activities to teach about hand and respiratory hygiene in an engaging and age-appropriate way

All resources are free and can be accessed from e-Bug’s COVID-19 webpage.

NHS Test and Trace

Various resources for different settings featuring a new creative:

Enjoy Summer Safely

Stay Alert

Local Outbreak Toolkit

 For info on the Stay Alert campaign, contact Cabinet Office at

Local outbreak toolkit

Translated versions of the ‘informative’ posters featuring messaging for working from home, limiting contact, keeping a safe distance, self-isolating when alerted and handwashing are now available from the Campaign Resource Centre (please note you will need to be logged-in to access these and only available to users with a or email address). They include the following  languages:

  • Somali
  • Slovak
  • Punjabi (Pakistan)
  • Polish
  • Urdu

New translations of the above posters, including Bengali and Hindi, are now available to all partners (non-localisable).  We also have additional translations for the local outbreak toolkit, in Hindi. These are customisable and available only to our professional users.

Please note that Punjabi (IN),  Gujarati, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese version will be available shortly.

Stay alert to stay safe

New social media animations for social distancing (1m+) and face coverings are now available from the Campaign Resource Centre.  

Customer logging toolkit

A Customer Logging Toolkit to support the reopening of many businesses  

Ports of entry

New Ports of Entry assets to reflect new guidance and guidelines

Stay Alert to Stay Safe

Posters: White background easy print for face coverings and distance

Social media animations – 1m + messaging and resources with youth focus

Posters: Face coverings and social distance, A3 & A4 high res and low res (PDF)

Social Media Statics: Face coverings and social distance (JPG)

Social Media Animations: Face coverings (MP4)

Radio: 30 radio with bus driver and delivery driver (Wave Sound)

Social media – outdoor guidance: 3 x social static images for Twitter

New Static Social Media assets and Posters promoting the mandatory use of face coverings in shops have been made available.

NHS Test and Trace

The NHS Test and Trace service has produced a briefing pack consisting of a set of standard messages outlining the Test and Trace journey. These messages will ensure you have everything you need to help your key audiences understand and engage with the service. Please sign in to the PHE campaign resource centre and download the Local outbreak communications toolkit. The NHS Test and Trace briefing template will be updated regularly to reflect the current messaging. Please use this toolkit to check that you are using the most up to date messaging.

Posters: White background easy print for drive through testing and self-isolate

Posters: Drive through test and self-isolate,  A3 & A4 high res and low res (PDF)

Social Media Statics: Drive through test and self-isolate (JPG)

Social Media Animations: Drive through test and self-isolate (MP4)

New British Sign Language (BSL) formats for Test and Trace and Stay Alert are now available.


Posters: White background easy print for taste and smell

Posters: Taste and smell poster, A3 & A4 high res and low res (PDF)

Social Media Statics: Taste and smell (JPG)

Social Media Animations: Symptoms and testing (MP4)

Return to School

Radio: 30s radio ad with Andrea a teacher (Wave Sound)

Leaflets: A5 Q and A leaflet for primary and secondary school

Social media animations: Primary and secondary


For info on the Stay Alert campaign, contact Cabinet Office at