The Cheshire & Merseyside (C&M) Health & Care Partnership (HCP) Prevention Board met on Thursday 28th November and the key messages are below:

  1. Co-chair, Eileen O’Meara, gave an update following her presentation to the C&M HCP senior management board (SMB) and the “Checkpoint” review. The presentation was very well received and the Board commented on the good progress that has been made on the prevention priorities. Budgets are currently being allocated for next year to allow the Prevention Board to continue to build on its successes and it will be important for the Board to increasingly link with other HCP Programme Boards on prevention going forward.
  2. Elspeth Anwar updated on the personalised care programme and the establishment of a personalised care network in C&M to share best practice. The January session will focus on social prescribing. Personalised care has been embedded at both system and place levels.
  3. Following the Marmot/King’s Fund population health event in September, a paper will be presented to the HCP SMB on 18th December around becoming a Marmot Community to tackle health inequalities and the wider determinants of health. Sir Michael’s team would provide support to C&M to achieve this prestigious status. The Marmot paper was endorsed by the Prevention Board.
  4. Tom Douglas (Merseyside Sports Partnership) and Anne Boyd (Active Cheshire) presented a paper on a new joint approach to increasing physical activity in C&M via a new strategy and providing support to the NHS and Local Authority workforce. The paper was approved in principle with further detail of outcomes to be included. It was suggested that links are made with the new Primary Care Network social prescribing link workers.
  5. There was a discussion on the C&M HCP 5 year strategy which has been written but is on hold due to the pre-election period. The Prevention Board will prepare a paper to C&M Health & Wellbeing Boards ready for launch of the strategy.
  6. Julie Webster updated on the reducing alcohol harm priority including the recent C&M event on alcohol care pathways held in Warrington and attended by PHE. She also introduced Ravi Menghani who is the programme manager for the alcohol harm workstream. The Fibroscan project is progressing well and Ravi is planning roll out.
  7. Lucia Scally presented a paper on the achievements of the AMR priority and the new virtual reality (VR) project for medical students to help them to prescribe antibiotics correctly. There are 5 learning scenarios and once completed films can be viewed with VR headsets or online.
  8. Sam Ghebrehewet updated that a new Board will be established in C&M around infection prevention and control, specifically to look at Sepsis, where rates are currently high in some areas. An action plan is being pulled together which will be ready by March.
  9. Andrew Rose of the Walton Centre updated the Board on a health and wellbeing event being held in Liverpool on 18 March 2020 called ProHealth. Andrew will follow up with Matt Ashton and Tracey Lambert from Champs.

The next meeting of the Prevention Board will take place on 23rd January 2020.