The NHSE suicide prevention implementation group meeting took place on 6th February. Key messages from the meeting are as follows:

  1. A status report template was presented to the group and it was agreed that each workstream would complete this, with the information feeding into a programme wide monitoring document.
  2. Self Harm: It was agreed to run a workshop for self-harm in order to decide on where the workstream should focus and how pathways can be improved.
  3. Middle Aged Men: Pat Nicholl updated on the middle-aged men workstream. Good progress has been made and Everton in the Community, State of Mind and Edge Hill University have completed their rapid evidence review, producing a set of criteria that constitute an effective intervention with middle aged men. Workshops will follow in 3 geographical areas to look at monitoring and evaluation. There will be several evaluation models dependent on the type of program being delivered.
  4. Quality Improvement - Mental Health Trusts: Louise Thomas updated on quality improvement in mental health trusts. All trusts have completed a self-assessment against safer care standards and are now looking at SLI approaches for dual diagnosis and self-harm.
  5. Primary Care: A successful workshop took place to progress work on the primary care pilots in Sefton and St Helens. Key actions were agreed and from these a project initiation document is being produced in order to move the workstream forward. Rory McGill expressed thanks to Helen Kendall, Champs Support Team for helping to deliver the workshop.
  6. Workforce Development: A report reviewing the NO MORE suicide community training is being finalised and figures show that 2000 front line workers have been trained in the last year. The report reviews different training offers available and what competencies are required at each level/ in each organisation. A T&F group is to be set up to decide how the NHS funding to scale up training will be used and what will be commissioned at each level. There was discussion around making those who have been trained identifiable through e.g. a badge.
  7. Lived Experience: Wirral Mind have been commissioned to create a Lived Experience Network for Cheshire & Merseyside and have 20 members signed up to date. Materials created to recruit members to the network were shared for comment with the Suicide Prevention Leads and the resources are now being revised.
  8. Finance papers were presented with regards to programme allocation for the second round of funding 20/21. The allocation was approved by the group with an ask for a small T&F group to be created to discuss detail around evaluation.
  9. Final amends are being made to the Communications plan and work will shortly commence on a detailed activity plan. A T&F group is being convened to progress the Cheshire & Merseyside wide men’s mental health campaign for Cheshire & Merseyside.