The Cheshire & Merseyside (C&M) Prevention at Scale Board met on 24 January and here are the key messages for colleagues and partners:

  1. NHS Long Term Plan (NHS LTP) - The Prevention at Scale Board discussed the NHS LTP and the implications for its work and other Health and Care Partnership (HCP) programmes including “place” and their associated strategies. The Board welcomed the report  and agreed it provides a real opportunity for the NHS to embed prevention at the “core” of service delivery. 
  1. Transformation Funding Bid - Jon Develing (SRO Prevention at Scale programme) updated the Board regarding the HCP Transformation Funds available for HCP programmes to apply for. A small task and finish group has been established led by Eileen O’Meara to compile a funding bid  with a key focus on the current priorities High blood pressure/ Reducing alcohol harm/ Tackling anti-microbial resistance (AMR)/ Increasing physical activity. The funding bid will draw out some of the activity contained within the business cases previously developed. The Board endorsed the approach in focusing on the current priorities.  The deadline for submission is 1st February 2019.
  1. Population Health Plan - The C&M Prevention Board has been asked to develop a Population Health Plan to form part of the overarching strategic system plan for C&M HCP. The Population Health Plan is under development. It is proposed it will set out ambitions for the next 2 years including continued work on the priority areas of high blood pressure, AMR and alcohol harm,  the core strategic drivers of Making Every Contact Count (MECC), population health framework, physical activity, NHS prevention pledge and embedding prevention in place and within the strategic C&M HCP Programmes.
  1. Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) - Dr. Rajesh Rajendran (Consultant Microbiologist) and Eileen O’Meara (Director of Public Health – Halton and Clinical Lead for C&M Prevention at Scale programme) updated the Board on a successful Local Workforce Advisory Board (LWAB) AMR bid for £94,500 to support further work.  In partnership with Liverpool University Medical School, the funding will be used to develop an innovative approach to teaching and learning through the production of a virtual reality platform which individuals can access to engage and immerse in clinical scenarios relating the AMR prescribing.
  1. Implementing MECC at scale and pace - Louise Vernon (C&M Programme Lead for MECC) attended the Board to present an update on  progress to date.  The C&M ambition is to create a culture shift and focus on prevention using MECC.  A MECC Partnership Board has been established and this is supported by three task and finish groups  for training, communications and engagement and evaluation. Work is currently progressing to :-
    1. Create a consistent and standardised approach to MECC, with an online portal to share resources
    2. Establish  a culture focused on prevention, seen as critical to enable staff to fully utilise MECC training. A MECC face to face training package has been developed and has been tested in 2 pilot training sites
    3. Produce an effective Communication and Engagement Strategy and action plan to ensure  senior leadership ownership and a campaign aimed at frontline staff.
    4. Develop robust and standardised evaluation methods
  1. Update on the Blood Pressure Programme.  Dr Mel Roche (Consultant in Public Health) gave an update to the Board on progress with the Blood Pressure work specifically in relation to Community Pharmacy, General Practice Quality Improvement, Community Blood Pressure Testing and empowerment. The Happy Hearts Website ( launched in September 2018 to support Know Your Numbers Week aims to underpin coordinated and consistent public and professional information and communication. The Blood Pressure annual report has now been launched outlining progress and key achievements during the last 12 months. You can read the report here.
  1. Update on the Alcohol Harm Programme  - Dr Matthew Saunders (Speciality Registrar in Public Health) provided an update on the alcohol harm programme. A capital funding bid has been submitted to Public Health England for a pooled resource to fund five FibroScan machines to be located at various locations in C&M.  A FibroScan machine is a non-invasive device that assesses the condition of an individual’s liver. The Board will provide an update on the outcome of the bid in due course.
  1. Date and Time of the next meeting – 21st March 9.30 – 11.30am