The C&M MECC Partnership Board Meeting took place on 11th June, the key messages are below:

  1. The Board received a presentation from the PHE Dental Network around current MECC activity focusing on preventing head and neck cancer, improving dental health in care homes and oral health in children.
  2. Gemma Hockenhull from the C&M Cancer Alliance updated the Board on how MECC is being incorporated into the role of cancer support workers and the new successful transformation bid
  3. Dr Matt Atkinson from PHE presented highlights of the insight work carried out with senior leaders on the barriers and enablers to implementing MECC in NHS Trusts in C&M.
  4. Carla Sutton from NHS England updated the Board on the development of Primary Care Networks and the new social prescribing link workers who could be instrumental in conveying MECC messages.
  5. There was an update on MECC training delivered so far and a train the trainer package is being developed.
  6. The quick guide for evaluation has been completed and data is being analysed pre and post training.
  7. The new MECC communications strategy and website, which includes a campaign tool kit, were endorsed.