The Cheshire & Merseyside (C&M) Health & Care Partnership (HCP) Prevention Board met on Thursday 26th September and the key messages are as follows. 

  1. Chris McBrien presented the performance dashboard for the HCP prevention programme covering progress on the key priorities.
  2. Eileen O’Meara, co-chair of the Prevention Board, gave an update on the recent C&M population health event hosted by the C&M HCP, Champs Collaborative and the King’s Fund. Three key priorities were decided at the event to go into the C&M HCP five year strategy; CVD, mental wellbeing/zero suicide and no harm from alcohol. Special guest Professor Sir Michael Marmot gave an inspiring lecture on health inequalities and the presentations from the day and a recording of his speech can be found here.
  3. Eileen O’Meara shared her recent presentation to the C&M HCP senior management board with the Prevention Board for comments.  The presentation focused on progress from the prevention workstream and the impact so far. The presentation showed some good results around a reduction in heart disease and a drop in the prescribing of antibiotics. Eileen thanked Chris McBrien for her support in producing the presentation. You can view Eileen’s presentation here.
  4. The Board discussed future planning and priorities and it was agreed the Prevention Board will continue to work on the existing priorities and enablers of AMR, High Blood Pressure, Reducing alcohol harm, Zero Suicide/Mental Health & Wellbeing, Physical Activity, MECC and the development of the Prevention Pledge.
  5. The Board heard that recruitment for the roles to deliver the work of the Prevention Board was well underway with a Programme Manager, Ravi Menghani, and Project Officer, Hannah Sharp, appointed. Recruitment for the senior public health role is in progress.
  6. Tracey Lambert, from the Champs support team gave a presentation on the recently launched MECC communications and engagement work aimed at local authorities and NHS Trusts. The next phase of the campaign is to engage primary care colleagues. The presentation can be found here.
  7. Eileen updated that a group has been formed to work on infection prevention and control to reduce cases of Sepsis and other serious infections.
  8. Tiffany Hemming from Knowsley and St Helens Hospital Trust joined the Board to discuss working together to reduce falls across C&M. This would involve learning from each other as to what works to prevent falls and then having a common pathway. The Board agreed to support this approach.

The next meeting of the Prevention Board will be 28th November.