The C&M FYFV Prevention Board met recently and received updates on the progress of the prevention priorities: High Blood Pressure, Antimicrobial Resistance and Alcohol Harm.


Other items discussed include:

  • Eileen O’Meara, Director of Public Health at Halton provided an update on the FYFV system management system.  The structure of Five Year Forward View is being reviewed / refreshed and the governance structure will change. Andrew Gibson (new chair) is leading the review and further information will be circulated as and when this is available.
  • Prof Paul Johnstone from PHE and Mike Prentice NHSE have sent a communication entitled 'The Size of the Prize' asking all FYFV areas to focus on CVD and high BP in particular.
  • The CVD Network has said that they will collaborate with the Prevention Board on prevention elements. Monthly teleconferences will be implemented.
  • The Prevention Board agreed to approach the Innovation Agency  to become a member of the Board.
  • Updated Prevention Board Terms of Reference were presented to the Board for final comments.
  • The Prevention Board agreed to submit an application to the NHS Leadership Academy –“ In Place”  Leadership Innovation Fund to help drive the priorities forward with a specific focus on alcohol harm.