The Directors of Public Health for C&M met for their Systems Leadership meeting on the 15th February. The key messages are below:

  1. Meeting with lead Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kath O’Dwyer. An update meeting was held with Kath O’Dwyer, lead CEO for health and wellbeing for Cheshire & Warrington and CEO of Cheshire East Council and the Directors of Public Health . The Cheshire and Merseyside (CM) Health and Care Partnership health and social care academy was discussed along with the NHS Long Term Plan and the Local Industrial Strategy.
  2. Cheshire and Warrington Public Sector Transformation Board (PSTB). At the last meeting on the 14th February, the mental health and wellbeing mapping work completed by Andy Mills was presented and the forthcoming scoping workshop for a possible C&M mental wellbeing commission was discussed. The PSTB annual conference this year on 14 June will be themed “Reconnecting people and places.”
  3. Local Industrial Strategies – Cheshire & Warrington has held 3 consultation events to discuss their grand challenges of clean growth, artificial intelligence/data and ageing society. In LCR, public health colleagues have engaged with policy makers and are inputting into the strategy. Wealth and wellbeing workshops are also taking place across LCR.
  4. Suicide Prevention Funding Application. A application has been submitted to NHS England for just over £600K for targeted work in C&M around several areas including self-harm, middle aged men, quality improvement with mental health trusts, primary care, workforce development and lived experience. The outcome of the bid will be known in March. Thanks to everyone who helped with the application in a short timeframe.
  5. Health & Care Partnership (HCP) bid – A bid for £775K has been submitted to the HCP transformation funds to cover the key priorities of high blood pressure, alcohol harm and Antimicrobial Resistance plus the new prevention pledge and physical activity. Thank you again to everyone to worked on this bid.
  6. Strengthening the approach to Sector Led Improvement in CM. Kay Burkett from the Local Government Association attended the meeting to discuss strengthening the approach to SLI in CM. This included the development of a high level population outcomes framework taking a themed approach on a key number of indicators . In addition to this Sefton, Warrington and Wirral agreed to test  a new tool designed to support improvement activities in public health and it will be reviewed at the CM DsPH strategic planning day in June. The DsPH also agreed an overarching aim and a set of principles
  7. NHS England update – Julie Kelly updated on the red books for child health that NHSE will be funding for next year and a new events calendar for cancer screening.
  8. The DsPH also shared items of good news:


  • The C&M Blood Pressure Quality Improvement work was featured at the CVD conference on 14th February. There was a presentation by Dr Mel Roche and Warrington DPH, Dr Muna Abdel Aziz was a guest on the panel at the conference.
  • Congratulations to Becky Mellor of Wirral Council on her appointment as Senior Public Health Manager.


The next meeting will be Friday 22 March