This week saw Champs named Public Health Network of the week in the ADPH BriePH newsletter that is issued to all member.

The story highlighted a number of key achievements from across Cheshire and Merseyside. The copy read as follows:


**New** News from Champs Public Health Collaborative
Preventing Suicide in Cheshire and Merseyside
The NO MORE Suicide Strategy & action plan along with the collaboratively commissioned suicide liaison service Amparo, provided evidence to the Health Select Committee. Described as “Compelling” by the Chair of the HSC, the evidence assisted the 2016 parliamentary report on suicide prevention.

High Blood Pressure
Reference in the PHE Action on cardiovascular disease: getting serious about prevention document and the implementation of the high blood pressure education and training programme within primary care through ‘Beacon Practices’ highlights a selection of achievements under the High Blood Pressure work one year on from the launch of the strategy.

Youth Connect 5: Supporting the emotional wellbeing of young people
Youth Connect 5 the free, at scale, ‘train the trainer’ programme is underway across all nine local authorities giving parents and carers across Cheshire & Merseyside the skills to develop their own and their children’s resilience and emotional wellbeing.            

Strategic partnerships
Support continues on strategic partnerships in Liverpool City Region and Cheshire & Warrington alongside contributions to the Cheshire & Merseyside STP.