MECC Partnership Board

A Cheshire & Merseyside-wide MECC Partnership Board has been established to provide leadership and oversight for the delivery of the strategic framework. The Board is co-chaired by Dave Sweeney, Executive Implementation Lead for the Cheshire & Merseyside Health & Care Partnership and Dr Charlotte Simpson, Health Care Public Health Consultant, PHE North West with representation from a variety of public sector organisations.

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View the strategic framework for 2018/19 here

C&M Peer Support Group for MECC Leads

The MECC leads from across Cheshire & Merseyside meet regularly, on an informal basis, to share ideas and experience, which can also compliment any local MECC group work. It is a great way to work in partnership, showcase good practice and encourage consistency across the sub-region.Everyone is at different stages of implementing MECC in the group so please do come and join the conversation.

Jan Naybour, MECC Champion at Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital is chair, if you would like any further information please contact

Key Messages from the MECC Partnership Board meeting

March 2019

June 2019


In August 2017 Directors of Public Health (DsPH) for Cheshire & Merseyside (C&M) endorsed a paper with a series of key recommendations to upscale and strengthen Making Every Contact Count (MECC) activity across Cheshire & Merseyside. The paper was co-produced with local Public Health leads and written by a specialist registrar, Hayley Mercer. The paper highlighted useful peer learning from the Healthy London Partnership. 

The delivery of MECC using a system leadership approach with partners was agreed and the key steps in the delivery of the programme include:  

1. Map and build upon existing local MECC activity
2. Create a shared partnership vision across C&M
3. Establish a Partnership Board and Strategic Plan
4. Share resources and learning across C&M
5. Strengthen local work and support innovation and evaluation
6. Strengthen awareness and engaging branding

In April 2018, a systems leadership workshop was held with key partners from across C&M to establish a shared vision and key elements of the strategic framework to make the ambition a reality. The request from the partners was a standardised and consistent approach to MECC with an on line portal for shared resources, plus a robust consistent model for evaluation. Establishing a culture focused on prevention was seen as critical to enable staff to fully utilise training and effective communication and senior leadership support also essential. It was agreed to establish a Partnership Board to provide oversight on behalf of the broader network.

Read a summary report from the event here

The "MECC Moments" online resource for health professionals was developed by the MECC Communications task and finish group and can be viewed here.  

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