Health & Care Partnerships (HCPs) require local leaders to come together to describe a shared vision for the health economy and set out the programme of activities which will achieve significant changes to how health services will be delivered.

This has provided the Cheshire & Merseyside Directors of Public Health (C&M DsPH) with a significant opportunity to focus on prevention and early intervention as system leaders on behalf of Local Authorities, which they have welcomed as a potential lever for high-level system change. This HCP will enable a new approach to cross boundary working and delivering prevention at scale.

The C&M DsPH have agreed to support the Cheshire & Merseyside HCP submission with recommendations on key high level actions in relation to three priorities: alcohol harm, high blood pressure and anti-microbial resistance.

The Champs Public Health Collaborative Briefing  entitled: The public health contribution to the Cheshire & Merseyside Sustainability & Transformation Plan (October 2016) provides more in depth information.

Read the Cheshire & Merseyside Population Health Framework here

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